Welcome To The Unfair Advantage Gathering - Rising Of The Remnant.

Our Mission

To provide an atmosphere of worship where the Holy Spirit has the freedom to manifest Himself in supernatural ways through His gifts WITH SIGNS AND WONDERS FOR every individual.

Our Vision

To equip modern-day men and women to embrace and impart the anointing
The Unfair Advantage with power and deliverance for THIS GENERATION

Meet Robby Eddy

The Unfair Advantage Gathering is a monthly event hosted and led by Reverend Robby Eddy and his Ministry team.  It is a place allowing individuals fired up for God to gather and share their tests and testimonies.  It is a platform that displays the glory of God through the individuals He anoints with talent, success, love, and peace.  

Who is Robby Eddy?
Laying on a cold prison floor, Robby heard the voice of God say… “I have given you The Unfair Advantage”.  Expecting to spend a minimum of twenty-five years behind federal prison walls, miraculously, Robby’s federal judge, unsolicited, wrote a letter that had him walk out of the United States Federal Penitentiary in Mariana, Florida, a free man after only two years.  

Robby’s driver’s license has been restored; he holds the highest certification in the state of Florida for any HVAC contractor which is unheard of for a three-time convicted felon. He employs nearly fifty men and women operating a fleet of commercial vehicles for his HVAC company in South Florida. Robby recently celebrated his eleventh year of complete continual sobriety. 

Along with his precious wife Monica and their four children, as a family, they focus all of their energy and resources to tell the world that through Christ, we have all been given THE UNFAIR ADVANTAGE

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